Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We're all going on a (late) summer holiday

Our last holiday was to Fiji for Christmas in 2011. We've had weekends away and a few days in Singapore on our way back to the UK but it has been nearly two years since what I would class as a proper holiday. So needless to say I'm ready for a break.

Now before you think I'm a brat for complaining about holidaying in Fiji, let me clarify - we were living in Sydney at the time and Australians think about Fiji much as we think about Spain. Cheap(ish) package deals, loads of tourists and short flights.

Anyway, my family has started a new annual tradition of Scuba Diving in Gozo, Malta, every year. My mum and step father hire a big villa and fill it with family and friends. We've missed the last couple of trips but have swallowed our nerves about taking a baby on holiday and decided to go. We won't be diving (not sure they make a diving tank in XXXXS) but we are looking forward to spending time exploring the island and taking Sebby to the beach. The villa looks quite nice too.

At Sebby's Christening last weekend, the sermon was about how parents get very carried away with all the stuff they "need" for their children. Whilst there is a certain amount of equipment necessary, we should be cautious about falling into the trap of listening to the media and advertisers telling us that we simply must have the latest "thing" for our babies, and focus a bit more on family, friends, community and faith. It resonated.

In the early days of having a new baby, I definitely bought way too much stuff that I believed would help with sleep, breastfeeding, development etc. etc. By far the biggest waste of money was the £90 electronic swing that I believed would solve of our sleep problems but in reality was a toe stubbing dust gatherer.   

I've tried to remember this lesson as I've been planning for our holiday - how much could we possibly need for 10 days away? I've decided not to buy a new, more transportable car seat and instead have bought a bag for our bulky car seat that we will pack full of nappies and other bulky things to check in the hold. I've also decided against buying a snazzy UV tent and will instead buy a cheap umbrella when we're there. But my list still looks awfully long as it currently stands:
  • Lightweight buggy, purchased specially for the holiday
  • Car seat
  • Baby carrier, new buy as Sebby no longer fits in the Baby Bjorn
  • Feeding equipment and food
  • Nappies, swim nappies and nappy supplies
  • Tons of clothes
  • Sunscreen, baby friendly bug spray and toiletries
  • Baby monitor
  • First aid kit 
  • Black out blinds
  • Plug adaptor 
  • Toys and books
I'm undecided about whether to take our Baby Dan bedguard or hope he will be happy in the cot but looking back at my list, weight restrictions may make this decision for me! Lets hope Dave packs light...

Trying out the new Papatum Toddler Carrier, £60 from Little Possums
Maclaren Techno XT in red, £175 from Mothercare


  1. Have you bought a specific car seat travel bag, or just a bag that takes the car seat? We're flying to visit family in the autumn and even though we're not going for long the list of stuff to take is similarly huge, starting with the car seats!

    1. I bought the Diono Travel Bag from Amazon which is for car seats It has mixed reviews but it looks good. Big enough to take our Cybex Sirona and a couple of packs of nappies and is fairly sturdy. I'll let you know how it stands up to the baggage handlers!