Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pregnancy: what I wish I'd known

I'm not ready to start thinking about having another baby yet but I am ready to start thinking about starting to think about having another baby. We would like one or two more children (eggs and finances permitting) so we don't have the luxury of too much time to procrastinate.

So I've been thinking about what I will know this time around that I didn't know first time but wish I had:
  1. Some people get pregnant very quickly. I was pregnant the first month of trying which meant that I missed out on maternity pay by one month (outdated Australian maternity policy where you had to work somewhere two years before qualifying).
  2. You will have a dog like sense of smell. Pregnancy heightened all of my senses but in particular smell. I could smell garlic from streets away and became repulsed by my husband's usually quite pleasant breath.
  3. You can get prenatal vitamins without a separate Omega 3 supplement. I spent three months throwing up fish oil. Not pleasant. Get an all in one tablet, not a liquid capsule. 
  4. People will stare at you. Don't get paranoid. No they don't think you are just fat, you don't have your skirt tucked in your knickers and they are not judging you for having sex. They just like looking at pregnant bellies. It makes them feel warm inside. 
  5. Pregnancy actually lasts 10 months!
  6. Everyone describes the first kicks as 'flutters'. They mean it feels like wind.
  7. Once the baby grows bigger than a grapefruit it feels like you have an alien inside you that could break through at any moment. This is normal.
  8. Don't worry about the baby squashing your organs and killing you. Your ribcage expands and your organs rise up the body to accommodate the little monster.
  9. Don't talk about baby names with anyone other than your partner. I adhered to this advice but a friend of mine didn't and liked the same name that we had chosen. When she told me, cue an awkward conversation and disappointment on both sides.
  10. Buy lots of jersey clothes. Don't waste money on skinny maternity jeans that you will grow out of at 28 weeks, buy jersey dresses that stretch with you and lots of trackie bottoms. Invest in a few Seraphine dresses, which are lovely. And if you don't believe me, maybe you trust Duchess Kate? 
Kate in Seraphine jersey dress

And one thing I'm glad I didn't know? How bad morning sickness can be. Had I known I may never have got pregnant in the first place. Twelve weeks of hell. Constant vomiting, medication, exhaustion and only being able to keep down slices of red apple. Oh and sushi (of the cooked variety) coming back is not pleasant.

What would you tell your pre-pregnant self?

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  1. 6 is so true!

    I'd tell myself to really admire my tummy. It wasn't particularly toned or anything but too 8+lb children later it's not going to look the same again!